Call for Papers (Deadline 15th May)

Do you like writing?

Do you think about questions like these?
How can we build a sustainable society? How many people are really involved in this movement? How can we stop the denial of climate change? What kind of actions have been really successful? How can we change the paradigm of endless growth? What are the differences of the struggles in different parts of Europe?

If that’s a Yes… we are inviting you to write an article for our booklet about the youth movement on sustainability in Europe. It’s called: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR FUTURE and will be published in cooperation with the German Environmental Foundation at the end of 2014.

With this booklet, we want to provide the reader with an insight into the youth movements on sustainability in Europe. You are invited to write an article about a topic that feels deeply relevant to you. The topic can be freely chosen and the authors are from all over Europe. We also want to write about the projects we started and the steps we took to create a society that is more likely to have a future worth living. If you are keen on writing an article (scientifically or personally), drawing a picture or a comic, compose a poem or just cluster a random blowout of thoughts about sustainability- don ́t hesitate! Frame: A4 Format, max. 3 pages Please mail your questions and contributions to until May 15th!

The Call as a PDF-File:
Call for Papers_YFP_2014