2013 – Youth Future Conference

Invitation to the Youth Future Conference 2013

The Youth Future Conference came to a successful end!

–Ten innovative and intern. projects are starting by young people–

During the first week of September 120 young people from all over Europe gathered in Bonn to take part in the third Youth Future Conference organized by the Youth Future Project. The participants represented 33 nationalities overall and even travelled for days to come to Bonn.

We offered nine different workshops on topics like “Soil”, “Renewable Energies”, “Photography” or “Lobbyism”. Every day we looked at the topic from “a different point of view”, regarding the four pillars of sustainability: Economy, ecology, society and culture. This gave the participants a holistic view of the topics, which is essential for sustainable problem solving.

As youthnetwork of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation we could also welcome some of the Laureates, like Anwar Fazal, Nnimmo Bassey or Tapio Mattlar along with Laureates of the German Environmental Foundation, like Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker or Georg Winter. They joined the workshops and talked with the participants on an eye to eye level.


Together with the followers of the Right Livelihood College (RLC) in Bonn the participants took part in the public panel discussions, that were jointly organized by RLC, YFP and the City of Bonn. The evening events gave a thematic introduction for the topic of the next day and the change of perspective.

But only the inspiring and open mood and spirit, that emerged through the conference community vitalized the youth future conference in the first place. Moving keynote speeches in the morning, held by participants who wanted to share their impressions on a certain topic with the others made a perfect introduction to the day. During open space times the participants could initiate own topics and ideas and organize themselves freely.
In the course of the open space times and during the pro-action café at the end of the week, the participants developed together with the fellowers of the RLC ten ideas for projects, which are somewhat implementing Right Livelihood and sustainable development.

We had moving keynote speeches held by participants, creative open space times and productive workshops. The participants and the organizing team gave more than hundred percent every day, to make this conference as successful and powerful as it was.

It is amazing to see, what a group of highly motivated young people can reach, what we can move and how powerful these movements can be. The participants and the team gave everything they could to make this conference a motivating and fruitful platform for young changemakers. We say thank you to every person involved in this process and hope to have inspired and encouraged another 120 people to return to their countries as ambassadors of Right Livelihood.


If you want to get an impression of the conference check out our daily reports and the homepage. You will also find a selection of the pictures taken during the conference on flickr! We are looking forward to presenting you the printed and filmed documentation next year.

Thank you all for an amazing week and year. Remember: walk the talk! 


—Norina, 05.09.2013—

Daily report #4 is now online!

Find out more about the social and political point of view on the topics and what the Laureates think about social movements. Get to know the Workshop on “Post-growth” and see what the participants are doing.
Svenja guides you through the day and gives impressions about the organising team “behind the scenes”…

–Norina, 04.09.2013—

Tuesday´s daily report is online!

The third daily report of this conference is online. Check it out, enjoy and spread it.
We had an intense day with many interesting laureates and speakers. The spirit is amazing and you can see that everybody gives 100% effort in it. Let´s keep going 🙂


Second daily report is online!

Monday- first real day of the conference. The Workshops looked at their topics from the economical perspective. Technical issues about solar cells were discussed, the economical perspective of water privatization or the impact of economy on the food distribution were also some topics. During the Open Space session the participants could start to think about ideas for future projects. The evening event in the old townhall of Bonn was opened by the Lord Mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch. Speakers of the evening were Tapio Mattlar (“Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureate), Rainer Grießhammer (German Environmental Award) and Michael Succow (“Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureate). The following chillout session at the river Rhine completed this day perfectly. Have a look at the report!

The first daily report of the Youth Future Conference 2013 is online!

Svenja, one of our filmteam members, guides you through the daily reports. It summarizes the previous day and gives you an impression of the conference atmosphere, the workshops and the laureates. The daily reports are always posted the following morning. Enjoy watching.
Sunday was all about arriving, getting to know each other, the opening ceremony with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Alyn Ware, as well as the first panel discussion about post-growth and the green new deal at the Uniclub.

Climate change mitigation, new and renewable energy concepts, environmental protection, new approaches to economy, natural resource preservation, and ecologically sustainable production and consumption…

These are some of the biggest challenges we face on our way to the future.

On the Youth Future Conference 2013 we want to address these challenges in an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective way – in collaboration with laureates of the German Environmental Award and the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, Right Livelihood Award.

By combining the energy and enthusiasm of the young generation with the expertise and experience of the distinguished laureates we want to develop and initiate projects to promote a sustainable future.

Evening EventWe kindly invite you to our series of events. These events take place in different locations in Bonn, for example in the university or the art museum. Where the exact location is can be seen in the poster for the series of events above. All events are free and open to the public. The events language is English. We would like to welcome you as well to the events!
We would like to invite young adults (18 to 28 years of age) from Europe to be part of the Youth Future Conference 2013. Join us to work for a brighter future in Bonn from September 1st to 7th and become an ambassador of right livelihood and sustainable development.