Invitation to the Youth Future Conference 2013

From September 1st to 7th a European conference on sustainability for young adults (18-28 years) will be held in Bonn. This conference is organised by a German group of students within the network of the Youth Future Project.

Imagine that YOU can come together with 100 other young people from all over Europe, 20 junior scientists and about 6 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award (“Alternative Nobel Prize”) and the German Environment Prize. Together, on an eye-to-eye level and from an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective angle, you will work on challenges and innovative solutions in the field of sustainability .

The conference will be dealing with practical approaches to the following topics:

Our soil and common groundExperience post growth! For a better economy and societyWater - should a common resource be privatized?Renewable energies between centralism & autonomyFood consumption - is organic really saving the planet?Fracking - the (never)ending story of fossil fuelsEducation and its role in saving earth´s eco-systems?Photography as a means to promote social changeThe web of live - why and how connections matter

During workshops, lectures, and discussions you will learn about the views and actions of important activists in the field of sustainability and you can gain an integrated understanding of the multidimensional challenges of environmental problems.

We want to enable you to make new personal experiences and encounter new methodological approaches to sustainabilty issues. The multi-perspective approach shall encourage us to go beyond our academic disciplinary frameworks.

Therefore, during this four-day-long process, we will take a look at central challenges in the field of sustainablity in small working goups. During the conference lecturers from various fields (e.g. economy, ecology or social science) will be present in the working goups. So we will learn to understand the different challenges sustainability poses to various stakeholders and actors.

During the conference we will use our new knowledge and experiences as advice for future actions and practical next steps that you can implement through journalistic, academic research, civil-societal  or environmental projects, which we will initiate in the last days of the conference.

The minimum contribution-fee is 145 EUR, although you can choose to pay more in order to help other participants come to the conference who would otherwise not be able to join us. You can find more information about the conference costs and the solidarity fund on our Costs page.

The most promising ideas, developed during the conference, will be supported for one year in the “Visionaries in Action”-support-programme. They will be offered a starting capital of up to 2.000 Euros as well as coaching and professional seminars in NPO-project management.

Furthermore, we will work together on a publication of our conference’s findings, recommendations for actions and next steps.


Michael Succow, Right Livelihood Award 1997
Patron of the Conference