The Right Livelihood Award Foundation (RLA)  is the Swedish foundation which annually gives the “alternative nobel” to some of the biggest role models of our time. They honour people who do not only talk about changing the world to the good and solving the global crises – they honour people who actually do or did it! Since 2010 the Youth Future Project works as the youth network under the patronage of the RLA-Foundation. The Youth Future Conferences are unique highlights of this cooperation.

sustainable education decade ENGL LogoThe Youth Future Conference has officially been awarded as a contribution project for the UN-World decade “Education for sustainable development”.
“Education for sustainable development conveys sustainable thinking and acting to children, youth and adults. It enables people to come to future decisions and to consider the impact of its own acting on future generations or the life in other areas of the world.”
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DBU – The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) = German Environmental Foundation is one of Europe’s largest foundations and promotes innovative and exemplary environmental projects. This year it is the main-supporter of the Youth Future Conference 2013.

BN_smallThe City of Bonn – is the former capital of Germany. It is a beautiful city on the banks of the Rhine River and still an important center of many international NGO’s, Corporations and federal agencies and administrations. Well know as “the conference-city of sustainability” it is co-host and partner of a Youth Future Conference for the second time.

The Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global capacity building initiative of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. RLC aims to harness and to internationally spread the knowledge and experience of the winners of the Right Livelihood Award. It does this through promotion of research, education, public understanding and practical activities worldwide. As one task RLC organises international conference for PhD-Students as the one that is held in close cooperation with this years Youth Future Conference.

ZEF_LOGO_FREI_ dt_ engl_rgbThe Centre for Development Research of the University is home of the RLC-Campus in Bonn and aims at finding solutions to development-related issues.

Ideas³ – “Ideas cubed -Rooms for development” is the brother-association of the Youth Future Project. As close Partners we design meetings between people, in which social, ecological, cultural and economical ideas for a future worth living for can be created. That’s how sustainable development becomes real.

Alanus University is a state-approved private University of Arts and Social Sciences. It is a place of arts-based education and academic research. The University offers a wide range of courses covering both artistic and academic disciplines. As an ideational partner the Alanus University is supporting the Youth Future Conference 2013.