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This is our conference blog where you can read daily updates about the conference, short stories and interviews. Also the daily reports are shown here. Enjoy!


—Norina, 06.09.2013—

Thursday´s daily report is now online!

Thursday was all about arts, culture and philosophy. You will hear parts of the keynote speech about the energy of movements, get impressions of the creativity of the participants and what sustainability has got to do with culture. Also Tapio Mattlar shows his motivation and tells us where he gets his hope from.
The conference is slowly drawing to a close- the workshops are looking at their topic from the cultural side and doing their wrap up. Now it is up to the participants to create projects and ideas out of their gained knowledge. To be continued tomorrow…


—Norina, 05.09.2013—

Daily report #4 is now online!

Find out more about the social and political point of view on the topics and what the Laureates think about social movements. Get to know the Workshop on “Post-growth” and see what the participants are doing.
Svenja guides you through the day and gives impressions about the organising team “behind the scenes”…


—Norina, 04.09.2013—

Some quotations by Nnimmo Bassey, Anwar Fazal (both Laureates oft he Right Livelihood Award) and Felix Ekardt (expert on Sustainability theories) about Social Movements and People´s Empowerment

“Movements are led by peoples, by groups and networks and not by heroes. A movement will only work by collaborating” (Nnimmo)

“I can tell you three steps for a successful movement: first you have to mobilze, then resist and in the end: transform!” (Nnimmo)

“If we come together we will maybe not reach the sun, but we will land among the stars.” (Nnimmo)

“The problem is that we leran from history. For future solutions we need forward thinking approaches and innovative ideas.” (Ekardt)

How to motivate people who already lost hope?

è “Have a look around. Find out, what you love most, what is the most precious thing to you. Then you need a  catalyst: have a conversation with people about it. Think about, what can be done and then move!” (Nnimmo)

è “Find something to say “NO” to. In the moment of saying there must be an alternative in your head. Find out what that is and start acting!” (Nnimmo)

è “The problem is, that we get too much negative input nowadays. This turns us down. We need more stories of inspiration, of hope and love. We need stories and pictures about little good things that have happened today. Everyone can change that, by giving more positive input to others, to show good examples of what people have done, to make this world a better place.” (Anwar)

“What convinces most are role models, so be a role model yourself. Start at the private an individual level and work yourself upwords!” (Ekardt)

“We forget most often to love, to laugh and to bring joy to the movements. Don´t give up- change will come. So let´s celebrate!” (Anwar)


—Norina, 04.09.2013—

Tuesday´s daily report is online!

The third daily report of this conference is online. Check it out, enjoy and spread it.
We had an intense day with many interesting laureates and speakers. The spirit is amazing and you can see that everybody gives 100% effort in it. Let´s keep going 🙂


Global Player

Hey, how are you today?
You are a global player anyway.
How is your global play?

I want to ask if I may:
What are you playing for all the day?
Who are you playing for all the day?

Would you kindly say by the way:
What are you playing with all the day?
Who are you playing with all the day?

You play your global play, ok.
But at the end of the day,
who is going to pay?

Georg Winter- Laureate of the German Environmental Award
26.08.2004 / 02.05.2006


—Norina, 02.09.2013—

Second daily report is online!

Monday- first real day of the conference. The Workshops looked at their topics from the economical perspective. Technical issues about solar cells were discussed, the economical perspective of water privatization or the impact of economy on the food distribution were also some topics. During the Open Space session the participants could start to think about ideas for future projects. The evening event in the old townhall of Bonn was opened by the Lord Mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch. Speakers of the evening were Tapio Mattlar (“Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureate), Rainer Grießhammer (German Environmental Award) and Michael Succow (“Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureate). The following chillout session at the river Rhine completed this day perfectly. Have a look at the report!


—Norina, 02.09.2013—

1st daily report is online!

Svenja, one of our filmteam members, guides you through the daily reports. It summarizes the previous day and gives you an impression of the conference atmosphere, the workshops and the laureates. The daily reports are always posted the following morning. Enjoy watching.

Sunday was all about arriving, getting to know each other, the opening ceremony with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Alyn Ware, as well as the first panel discussion about post-growth and the green new deal at the Uniclub.


—Norina, 01.09.2013—

The Reason why or the Next Generation of Sustainability

The room is clear and light, the view is framed with big green trees. Five people are working in front of their laptops, some others are scurrying around, sorting material, chatting or doing handicrafts. We have collected kilos of potatoes, tomatoes and salad from local farms today. Balloons dangle from the ceiling. The wall is stuck with “to do lists”, posters and conference schedules. Team members are preparing the check-in procedure and some are fetching the first participants from the central station in Bonn.
This is how the last hours before the conference starts looks like.

The Youth Future Conference starts today. We have worked over ten months now, the team has constantly grown, we spent hundreds of hours in front of our pc and spent the weekends gathering in beautiful locations to plan and discuss about the conference.

Last week I woke up and asked myself: why? Why did this team invest so much time in this conference? Why did the motivation never break down, there was never a spirit of giving up and why did we do this in the beginning anyways?

I collected some voices of team members where I asked them, why they invested so much time to organize this conference.

“I want the topics of sustainability to gain in importance within Europe. That´s why I worked so hard!” (Richi)

“Because I am convinced that the young generations have to contribute to and participate in the societal change. Young generations have to stand up and raise their voice!” (Therese)

“I have experienced the last conferences of Youth Future Project as a participant and wanted to ensure this incredible moment for other young people, too. That´s why I worked so hard for this conference.” (Anna-Lena)

“The Youth Future Conference creates encounter and a meeting space. Within this encounter arises the energy for change.” (Philipp)

“The first step is necessary for change. Otherwise nothing happens. The Youth Future Project is doing these initiative steps.” (Manuel)

These are some of the reasons. By now almost all participants arrived at the youth hostel. They checked in, got to know each other and the opening ceremony has started. Over 35 Nations are represented at the conference. Some participants have travelled for days to come here and attend this event. We welcome everyone and are grateful for your participation.

The spirit is amazing and you can nearly grab the urgent wish to get started and get active.

So let´s get started. Tomorrow we will put on the economic “glasses” and take a look at the workshop topic from a technical and economical perspective. The Laureates Anwar Fazal, Alyn Ware and Georg Winter are supporting the workshops, together several experts and speakers.

We are the next generation of sustainability.

Check out our daily reports and the homepage.