The Story of the Youth Future Conference: How young people try to change the world

Changing (Dis)Course

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More than 30 young people from all over Europe write about the future of our society.

The booklet consists of five chapters of which the two most important are “Debate” and “Action.

In the “Debate” chapter, the authors describe how they feel connected to nature and responsible for its protection. They analyse and criticise common assumptions on economy and sustainability. They describe what inspired them to take action and how they want to create a different society.

In the “Action” Chapter they describe their projects and Campaigns. They include building environmental awareness in Kosovo, protecting rural agriculture in Rumania, using interactive theatre for change in Germany and efforts to make the European Union a real democracy.

For now, the booklet will only be published as a printed Version. We think there is some value to really holding it physically in your hands. We are planning to release an online Version sometime next year.

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Cover_Changing(Dis)CourseArticle: The Youth, the Future and shared Responsibility

Article: Sustainability and Emergence





It´s time to change your Point of View – conference documentation (film) will be published soon