program description

Ten new projects in the coaching programme!


Get a short impression and a rough overview of the projects that developed during the Youth Future Conference. They will take part in the “Visionaires in Action” (ViA) coaching programme and receive one year of professional project support to help them establish their ideas. The first meeting of the projects and the coaching team is going to be in November. If you have any question about the projects or feel like supporting one of the ideas, please contact Alexander from the coaching team for further information.

Teach the Teachers is a project that aims to integrate sustainability into the everyday classroom. It trains teachers on topics concerned with sustainability and hopes to strengthen the sensitization for right livelihood.

Youngster Platform for Sustainability (Earth without Art is just Eh!) is showing ways and strategies to combine art and social engagement.

Intergenerational Exchange for collecting Rural Knowledge is a project strengthening the link between generations, supports intergenerational exchange in the rural areas and promotes sharing knowledge about sustainability.

City Impulses is working with surprises and unexpected actions in public spheres to raise awareness about human relations and connections.

Little Steps wants to create small cards with information and advices towards a sustainable every day life.

EEF (European Education Forum) is a project that is working on a conference that shows approaches and methods for alternative education

Model of a Post-Growth Society in Real Life is presenting a post-growth society by a one week simulation festival week in 2014. It aims to raise awareness for this topic and wants to show possible solutions.

Post-Growth Forum Theatre is developing a theatre play throughout the next year which is designated to be presented at the next “degrowth conference” in 2014.

Patents Website is a project that wants to create a website to spread information on current global patents policy and to suggest alternative approaches.

There is also going to be a 10th project developed by the followers of the Right Livelihood College which is yet to be announced.

Other projects that developed throughout the conference will also receive project support but on a small scale.

Image00011The conference shall create a breading ground for your project ideas. We hope, that it can become your platform for the initiation of new or the enhancement of existing projects in the field of environment and sustainability. We want to provide you all you need, to kick-start your own youth future project.

Throughort the whole conference at least 8 hours are dedicated for your development of project ideas (mainly in the Open-Space sessions). At the penultimate day of the conference a “Pro-Action-Café” will be held to finalise yourideas. The projects, which strive for the “Visionaries in Action”-project support, will occupy one table each; similar to the rotating system of the “World-Café-Method” the projects get input on their project from the majority of the participants. By doing so the projects get advice, are questioned and further developed through the common input of the audience.


Afterwards the project-groups presented their ideas to the conference’s community again and via a basis democratic process the most promising projects will be elected. Throughout the first year after the conference these elected projects will be supported and mentored in the “Visionaries in Action” project accelerator programthe Youth Future Project. That means:

  • Seed money (up to 2000€ for up to six projects). The money can be used for travel and material expenses.
  • Professionalisation-seminars (up to two coaching-weekends with experienced project managers or experts from economy, science or society)
  • Individual consulting by experienced program-consultants of the Youth Future Project e.V.
  • Platform and networking to distribute ideas and approaches