2014 – YFP Summer Festival

It’s a big event to us: The YFP ist getting 5 years old. It’s astonishing what we have already done so far: We have Hosted three international conferences, supported other youth initatives and established a close connection with the Right livehood Award Foundation. From the 11th to 13th of July we want to celebrate what we have done so far and take a look into the future. Expect a diverse programme that may be enriched by your own workshops, ideas etc. Apart from having a good time, we also intend to discuss about the future of our society and what our parts in it will be. We present our own projects and hope to provide a fertile soil for making your own ideas a reality. Gutshaus Klein DammerowThe Summer-festival will take place at Gutshaus Klein Dammerow in northern Germany. We provide a Shuttle-Service from the train station “Meyenburg”. You can either stay in the dormitory or in tents. If you want to take part, please contribute to food and accommodation with at least 30€. (You can also give more to support people with a low income) Please note that most of the programm will be in German. We try to arrange translation for non-german-speaking guests! For questions and registration please contact sommerfest@youthfuture.de.