Media YFC 2010

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Stay up to date with our “daily reports”.
Our film team worked hard: Every night at 10pm they streame a “daily report” into the internet, to keep everybody informed about the activites at the youth conference aswell as introducing some of the laureates of the Right Livelihood Award.

Sonntag 19.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 6

The last day of the Youth Future Conference is over. As the last laureate we want to introduce René Ngongo (RLA 2009) to you. We also show you some more of the UN-Millenium campaign and have a look at the party last night where laureates and young people alike were having a great time, dancing to balkan beats of the band “Die Ukraniens”. At last it was time to say good bye. 120 young people from all over the world were once more gathered around the future tree. The emotions were high.

Samstag 18.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 5

One more day to go…today was the UN-millennium campaign “stand up against poverty” in the central business district of Bonn. The Youth Future conference was taking part in that event. In the afternoon our participants were handing over their manifesto to a member of the UN who will take it to the United Nations conference in New York. We also talked to the founder of the Right Livelihood Award, Jakob von Uexküll. Last but not least our “alternative” reporter Emanuel Malzew was on the streets and met some interesting characters.

Freitag 17.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 4

Today we introduce you to Survival International. Survival is the only international organisation supporting tribal peoples worldwide. We also talked to Amy Goodman, journalist and host of the truly independent news broadcast Democracy Now and RLA laureate of the year 2007. Furthermore we got some impressions of the youth conference and its participants. Our “alternative” reporter Emanuel Malzew dared to join one of the morning initiatives and hasn’t returned to work ever since…why? Watch the video and find out!

Donnerstag 16.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 3

While some of our participants were dancing into the new day, we were talking to Mohd. Azmi Abdul Hamid. He represents SAM, an enviromental organisation in Malaysia which won the Right Livelihood Award in 2002. Our “alternative” reporter Emanuel Malzew will check out the buffet for you and after his exclusive interview with some olives we introduce you to Nicanor Perlas, RLA laureate of 2003. At the end you’ll be able to have a look at some of our workshops.

Mittwoch 15.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 2

Today we tell you about the opening event aswell as about two laureates, Anwar Fazal (Malaysia, RLA 1982) and Tony Clarke (Canada, RLA 2005). In addition our “alternative” reporter Emanuel Malzew will confront our participants with some interesting questions which definately penetrate their privacy. We also talked to some participants who were staying surprisingly calm…even when we came at them with our cameras at breakfast time.

Dienstag 14.09.2010 “Daily Report” Tag 1

Our first “daily report” today will be online at 10pm as the extensive opening event will take a little bit longer. The mayor of Bonn aswell as the executive director of the Right Livelihood Award will be holding the opening speech.

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