Summer of Soil

According to the FAO 99% of our food comes from our soil and 25% of this soil has already been degraded to the level where it can no longer support food production. We are losing 10 million hectares of fertile soil each year – that is 30 soccer fields per minute. Agriculture is responsible for 75% of soil degradation. The FAO, European

Commission and others recognize the importance of soil and warn of the negative influence of unsustainable agricultural and soil management practices on the health of our soils and food security.

Inspired by this urgency, Imagineers Sweden AB is co-organizing the Summer of Soil from 9 July – August 9, 2013 in Järna, Sweden. Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi-disciplinary accelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuild and maintain living soils. The program will include a series of hands-on soil-related courses, an exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum for bringing conversation to action.

The courses offer a variety of opportunities to explore and experience different aspects and ways of working with soil and food production. In addition there will be keynote events, excursions and film screenings to deepen the understanding and for building capacity to become active stewards of the soil. Current course topics include Cooking a “Diet for a Small Planet”, Preserving, Wild Food Harvesting, Introduction to Organic Agriculture, Introduction to Bio-Dynamic Agriculture, Close to Nature Forestry, Permaculture Design Course, Living Seeds, Water Management, Ecological Recycling Agriculture, Living Soil, Composting, Urban Agriculture, Aquaponics, Beekeeping & Bio Char. (subject to change) The exhibition aims to give insight into the amazing substance soil really is, as well as showcasing and illustrating different growing practices which promote soil regeneration in both rural and urban  environments.

The Living Soil Forum is a 5 day conference, aiming to accelerate the international collaborative movement to steward our soils by bringing together farmers, retail, government, academia, civil society & youth from 22 July – 26 July in Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna, Sweden. Confirmed contributors Håkan Wallander, Patrick Holden, Volkert Engelsman, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Artur Grandstedt.


The Living Soil Forum objectives are to:

● Inspire concerned consumers and especially youth to become active soil stewards
● Build an inclusive, global soil movement
● Promote soil awareness throughout the entire food system
● Exchange ideas and initiate real projects and campaigns to leverage soil acupuncture points across the globe.
● Highlight inspirational centers of agricultural production, living soil conservation and regeneration.

Summer of Soil is organized in collaboration with local partners.


Co-Founder & Communications Manager: Pieter Ploeg
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Let’s Talk About Soil – English from IASS Vimeo Channel on Vimeo.