Reaping the fruits of our work

Dear Friend of the Youth Future Project,

we are finally reaping the fruits of the biggest project we ever undertook. For about two years we have been working on connecting people from all over Europe to take action for a more sustainable society. We are now publishing our first book that connects many of the topic we worked on and gives an insight into the youth movement for sustainability.

To us, reading „Changing (Dis)Course“ is reaping the fruits of our work because it shows us how the ideas we also support are spreading and how many projects developed out of our „Youth Future Conference“ last year.

Read two of the articles in the book here.

“The youth, the future and shared responsibility” by Carina van Weelden:

“Sustainablity and Emergence” by Josephine Tröger, Christoph Pfisterer and Tobias Stetter:

Lets spread the ideas of a different society even further and give the book to your friends and family. You are free to decide how much you would like to contribute to help us cover printing costs.

You can order your personal copy here.