YFP Annual Report 2014

Even though it is already August and the major part of 2015 is already behind us, we took a look back by collecting the moving and challenging, the inspirational and beautiful moments that we as YFP shared in 2014.

Join us in looking back at twelve busy months in which the brochure “Changing (Dis)Course” and the documentary “The Story Behind the Youth Future Conference” were published, seven projects were accompanied via the “Visionaries in Action” coaching programme, the YFC’13 was finally brought to an official end and even more projects like the sailing trip and the Day of the Future were initiated.

A big thanks goes to all members and supporters of the YFP without whom all projects and actions presented here could not have been carried out.

We hope you enjoy reading our Annual Report and always welcome questions and comments at info@youthfuture.de!