The Team

Currently, the Youth Future Project e.V. has around 30 members from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. For the implementation of our projects – as for example the organization of international youth conferences – the team is joined by other engaged youth and young adults.

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Present YFPler at the Spring YFP-Days in Witzenhausen, March 2014

Board Members of the YFP in 2014:



The core-team of the Youth Future Project e.V. in Kassel, September 2012 (f.l.t.r.: Theresa Zimmermann (sitting), Jonas Rohloff, Anna-Lena Edelhoff, Richard Stiller (sitting), Lorenz Stör, Carola v. Szemerey, Karolin Oesker (sitting), Alexander Capistran, Benjamin Brockhaus, Franziska Niewind, Nils Hanwahr, Svenja Quitsch)


The Teamer of the first International Youth Future Conference, Bonn 2010 (f.l.t.r.: Jan-Philip Haase, Emmanuel Malzew, Johannis Volkmann, Andreas Marth, Ina Dinse, Franziska Bauer, Johannes Brockhaus, Eva Bracht, Theresa Zimmermann (hidden), Karolin Oesker, Nils Hanwahr, Thomas Hilker, Franziska Niewind, Regina Ott, Lukas Nattermann, Lisa Liborius, Marco N. Werner, Christian Slezak, Benjamin Brockhaus)

The Teamer of the second international Youth Future Conference “Visionaries in Action”, Mannheim 2012 (f.l.t.r.: Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm, Alexander Capistran, Max Hinrichs, Darius Reinhard, Benjamin Brockhaus, Carola v. Szemerey, Carl v. Schweinitz, Theresa Zimmermann, Maximilian Hörl, Regina Ott, Svenja Quitsch)