Alexander Capistran

Profession: Studies Philosophy in Berlin.

Tasks: Youth and Elders Project, Fundraising, Laureates Communications, Visionaries in Action Coaching Program, projects values and philosophy


What are your interests and what are you doing? – Theory and practise are always intertwining. Actionism without prospective reflection leads to regressions, as well as ‘pure reason’ is bound to translation into action. Therefore, I am willing to combine both by studying Philosophy, German Literature and Antropology in Berlin on the one part, and by working with children on behalf of nature and contributing to a city vegetable garden on the other side.

Why are you a volunteer of the youth future project? – My involvement into the Youth Future Project refers to that aforesaid practical contribution to the shapeshifting process of today’s global situation. Moreover I participated into the ‘Youth Future Project’- conference in 2010, providing me with interesting impacts, good friends and members of my flatshare: Now it is time to return something…