Benjamin Brockhaus

Arbeit: Freier Berater für Organisations- und Projektentwicklung im Bereich Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Sustainability
Aufgabenbereiche: Strategische und finanzielle Beratung des YFP
Ausbildung: IHK-Industrieelektroniker für Gerätetechnik in Kassel (bis 2008), B.Sc. Ökosystemmanagement in Göttingen (bis 2011). Derzeit: M.A. Sustainability Economics and Management an der Universität Oldenburg (bis 2015)
Weitere Infos: PRESSEMAGAZIN Oya Benjamin Brockhaus Portraet Portrait Benjamin Brockhaus – PEP Stipendiat 2012 [PDF] Benjamins Profil im Stipendienprogramm “Engagement mit Perspektive”
Kontakt: // Tel.: 01577-1574663

Motivation: Thinking of the future of humanity and the earth, regarding current developments and trends, you will soon find out that immense changes have to take place. We need to rethink our lifestyle to enable our grandchildren to live in a healthy and peaceful world. Wars, nuclear proliferation, extinction of species and cultures, natural disasters, man-made global warming, climate change, poverty, and hunger… Confronted with these problems, most of our fellow citizens resign or question the possibility of making a difference. This attitude and many misconceptions will not achieve the change that we so desperately need. The manifold projects of RLA laureates show that one can be effective in making a difference. The laureates are inspiring examples of the fact that even a single person can change the world for good. Sadly, in my opinion, most people have the wrong ideals. Young people are trendsetters and citizens of the planet’s future. My ambition is to open their eyes and ears for the global issues and solutions, and to connect them to inspiring activists, setting an example for the promises of tomorrow.