Carola von Szemerey

Tasks: Projectmanagement – Visionaries in Action: Creativedesign, Catering and Logistics, „Lebenswege”-Project, „Undjetzt?!”-Conference 2012, Visionaries in Action 2013


What are your interests and what are you doing right now?  
After a long journey I finally decided for myself not to go to university but rather join Knowmads in Amsterdam – a creative business school for people who want to create a positive change in this world.
I travelled a lot but I guess this is  the most exciting journey because I never certainly know where it`s going to go, end or all of the sudden change the direction.
We learn in workshops and lectures mostly in a team of 15 people. Because of the direct customer contact and working on real life projects we can immediately use our knowledge  or also get the chance to just learn by doing things.
It is also a journey to myself, to unfold and I am very much looking forward to jumping on and off different paths, trains, cows, horses, camels, boats, sailing ships and ways – Step by Step.
Why are you a volunteer of the youth future project?
When I heard about the Visionaries in Action Conference last year in September 2011 I got very enthusiastic about it  and I decided to join the team.
Moved and emotionally touched by a year full of great conversations, unique encounters with people, surprises, endless learning’s, victories, disappointments and many trips on the rollercoaster I decided to stay active in the Youth Future Project.
I want to motivate other people, get them to think about themselves, their future and give them the opportunity to make their dreams come true. The YFP and its people really reinforced me in my decisions and I am so thankful for that that I want to pass this power on to more people who need it.