Jonas Rohloff

Work: Bachelor Marine Technologies in Bremerhaven, Fraunhofer-Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, now Master Studies on Renewable Energies in Stuttgart

YFP Function: board member (2013 – 2015), project coordinator, it administration


Jonas Rohloff

Jonas Rohloff


Can you imagine something more beautiful than creating the future by ourselves? We are all responsible for this one world we live in and its future concerns all of us. It is our duty to improve life on this planet for everyone so we can live equally together without destroying it.

We have to move towards a “right livelihood” in every aspect of life. The Youth Future project is a great network to alert young and enthusiastic people inform them about the importance of preservation and to encourage them to participate in this mission.

All changes require energy and this energy has to be sustainable. Achieving this important point for our society is not only my professional but my personal commitment.