Philipp Baum

YFP scholarship holder

Profession: Host, Teacher, Mediator

Tasks: Hosting/Facilitation, Fund-raising, Follow-Up of the conference, Documentation, YFP-Days

Contact: philipp(at)

What are your interests and what are you doing right now?

My foremost interest is how human beings can establish a better relationship amongst each other and with the other living beings on earth. I studied a lot of NVC (Non-violent Communication) which helped me a lot in having a more loving relationship with myself and also with others. I also facilitate workshops for people who want to learn more about it (or rather remember their true nature as a human being). I am a certification candidate with the Center for Non-violent Communication in the US to become a certified trainer. Conflict resolution also seems very important to me, that’s why I also studied Mediation and mediate between other people. I am also interested in Mental Health issues and currently like the “Radical Mental Health”-Concept that is being developed mainly by US-american activists a lot. I see it as absolutely healthy to feel pain about what is happening in our world. And maybe the worst illness is not depression but apatheia, “the deadening of the feelings”, to loose connection to life.

I am part of the organising team of the Youth Future Conference 2013 and also engage in building the YFP itself. I facilitate meetings to support building relationships within our team. In regard to the conference I helped with the fund-raising initially and now take care of the hosting of the group-events during the conference, the follow-up process for the team, the VIA-Coaching for the emerging projects and also the documentation of our ideas and actions.

To establish a different connection with the non-human beings I study Deep Ecology. It helps me to feel the pain of the plants and animals and see myself as a part of mother earth, struggling for survival and protection. I am about to lead a small “Truth Pilgrimage” around one of the places of destruction, a surface-mining-site near Hambach in Germany.

It’s also very important to me to build new structures out of which the new society can arise. I am part of a small community in northern Germany where try to live more environmentally friendly and own the land and the houses together.

Why are you a volunteer of the youth future project?

I joined the YFP in January 2013 because I was looking for a group in which I can work on social and environmental issues. For me the project is a really good place to learn about my personal qualities and to support the whole community with what I have to give. Here, it is really easy to bring in suggestions and I feel very welcome to express my wishes and concerns . I have never experienced such an openness for my contributions as I do in the YFP. I also like the combination of down-to-earth professionalism of dealing with funding, organizing and communication with partners and the emotional warmth, long evenings around the camp-fire and connection we enjoy in the team. I hope we will create a good learning environment during the conference that will empower people to protect live on earth.