Svenja Quitsch

What are your interests and what are you doing right now?

At the moment, I’m working full-time for the Youth Future Project and take care of the organization’s day-to-day business:
I am mostly interested in the effectiveness and sustainability of multilateral development cooperation and ways to reduce aid dependency of the global South. Before my studies, I spent a year in India, where I worked as a volunteer in two different grassroots-NGOs and until this day, I draw motivation and inspiration from the experiences I made there.

Why are you a volunteer of the youth future project?

Simply put, my commitment to the YFP is nothing but the logical consequence of my earlier engagement in the preparation of Visionaries in Action. I don’t believe that I first have to finish my studies in order to take on social responsibility. We all share this responsibility and the earlier we begin to live up to it, the better.