The Youth Future Project cooperates with the following partners:

Logo Right Livelihood AwardThe Right Livelihood Award Foundation (RLA)  is the Swedish foundation which annually gives the “alternative nobel” to some of the biggest role models of our time. They honour people who do not only talk about changing the world to the good and solving the global crises – they honour people who actually do or did it! Since 2010 the Youth Future Project works as the youth network under the patronage of the RLA-Foundation. The Youth Future Conferences are unique highlights of this cooperation.

RLC-Campus-BonnThe Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global capacity building initiative of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. RLC aims to harness and to internationally spread the knowledge and experience of the winners of the Right Livelihood Award. It does this through promotion of research, education, public understanding and practical activities worldwide. As one task RLC organises international conference for PhD-Students as the one that is held in close cooperation with this years Youth Future Conference.

Ideas³ – “Ideas cubed -Rooms for development” is the brother-association of the Youth Future Project. As close Partners we design meetings between people, in which social, ecological, cultural and economical ideas for a future worth living for can be created. That’s how sustainable development becomes real.

Summer of Soilsummer-of-soil_logo – Inspired by this urgency, Imagineers Sweden AB is co-organizing the Summer of Soil from 9 July – August 9, 2013 in Järna, Sweden. Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi-disciplinaryaccelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuildand maintain living soils. The program will include a series of hands-on soil-related courses,an exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum forbringing conversation to action.

pep1_grauPEP –  “Comittment with perpective” is a program of the Ashoka Youth Venture. With PEP Ashoka wants to empower highly commited young people with scholarships, coaching and project support to enlarge their impact in the societal change.

Logo Project PeaceProject Peace is a one year education and peace-building program for young people between 18 and 25 years. It aims to give young people the room to explore and enlarge their possibilites and potentials. It aims to be a course for life-learning-experiences. It’s a totally participative project for peace, ecology, and cultural change.

seed_of_lifeSeed of life is an international initiative to improve the world through improving ourselves. Each person for him/herself, and yet together. Worldwide. A magical new path to transcend our limitations. We are developing a new way of being together, in which the biggest profit is not the sole measuring unit for all trade, but instead whatever makes the most sense – for all involved, and also for those who don’t participate, so that they understand what we mean. Because we don’t separate into them and us. We live on this earth and are forging a new path. For life.

Logo OyaOya – is a magazine which is popular in the movement for cultural change in Germany.  They report in a diverse way – which is very true to life – about the many initiatives, projects, networks and individual lifestyles of the cultural-creative movement. The magazine is published every two month in a fresh and lively layout with strong pictures – and of cause printed on ecofriendly recycling-paper.


The  undjetzt?!-Conference ist a future conference and since 2010 like a sister to the Youth Future Conference. It aims to give around 140 former social-volunteers the room and possibility to discuss lokal and global challenges of today – to reflect existing things and to create new ideas for starting together in the cultural change.

Logo Passionate FoundationPassionate was founded in 2007, by a group of twenty youngsters who were in their 12th grade. This project started after a brief visit to the United States to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference. The aim was to involve the youth into community service and social responsibility…

MFG_Logo_WebGermany’s recent society shows many imbalances: Really good news had become  rare. The divergence between rich and poor grows, national resources are shrinking and people become more and more unsatisfied and depressive. This is why a group of young people founded the “Ministry for Happiness and Well-Being”. Using a transmedial campaign they want to initiate a public discourse: What makes people really happy? Is it possible to establish a real “Ministry for Happiness” in Germany? What should such a ministry look like?

The Youthsection is one section of the Goetheanum School for Spiritual Science responsible for the questions and issues of youth. It is a place where future possibilities of youth are nurtured and encouraged in the context of what we find before us already today. To contribute to the search of finding our aim and way in the world as youth, the Youthsection organises seminars, conferences, study groups, and research projects. All this is done in an attempt to enable us to live with the questions of our current times, without feeling overwhelmed but rather encouraged to take on responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for those around us and for the world.
The Youthsection is a large international network of anthroposophically oriented youth that is situated at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. We are always happy to meet new persons so please find more information on when our events may take place here: