Right Livelihood Award


 The Right Livelihood Award Foundation honors those who find new solutions to the most pressing problems of our time with the Alternative Nobel Prize. Yet, it’s about more than just good ideas, but about action and accomplishments, realizing utopian concepts that used to be frowned upon. The Alternative Nobel Prize directly supports its laureates and provides international recognition for individuals and initiatives. Many laureates work in countries where hostile regimes suppress their work for human rights, peace and justice, and threaten activists with torture and oppression. The award provides a level of protection for activists, supports their work and ideas, and helps to get their inspiring solutions onto the desks of international decision-makers.
The Alternative Nobel Prize, officially called the Right Livelihood Award, is annually awarded to up to four laureates in December in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. Laureates come from all walks of life, since the Right Livelihood Award knows no boundaries of profession and discipline: environmentalists, human rights advocates, artists and cultural advocates, activists for children and development – the laureates of the Alternative Nobel Prize are as diverse as the global issues we face today.

The Youth Future Project has been the official youth outreach network of the Right Livelihood Award since 2009. The youth initiatives are supported under the auspices of the Alternative Nobel laureates and the Right Livelihood Award Foundation in Stockholm. Regular workshops and conferences enable young people and laureates to meet, get inspired, exchange professional experience, motivate each other, and find new ways to get involved in future projects.