YFP in 30 seconds

Since 2009 the Youth Future Project (YFP) has brought together young people and laureates of the Right Livelihood Award (“Alternative Nobel Prize”). We facilitated intergenerational exchange and fostered societal change to promote peace, justice, environmental protection, and sustainable development. We organized large-scale youth conferences and supported the initiation and development of youth projects inside and outside of Germany.

Currently we are in hibernation. Because we, the former organizers of the Youth Future Project, grew up and older and face new challenges in life. Many of the group would still like to keep on working together and to carry on the unique spirit of the YFP. We are currently looking for a suitable form for such collaborations and reinventing ourselves!

Create your own Youth Future Project: We welcome initiatives who want to continue the journey: In agreement with us and the Right Livelihood Award Foundation the platform of YFP can be used by youth projects, which aim at interactions between young people and laureates of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”.

Please get in touch: info@youthfuture.de


Members of the Youth Future Project in March 2016