Sustainability means long-term reason and caution in handling nature and culture.

For many of our global problems practicable solutions are available. This is shown by the projects of the laureates of the Right Livelihood Award, which was initiated about 30 years ago.

We, the young generation, have to take these solutions under consideration, make them public, and implement them to preserve our planet with its entire diversity and all its resources and living environments for future generations.

No matter if politics, environmental protection, economy, innovative technologies, humanitarian aid or disarmament; helping concepts already exist. We have to realize them.

Exactly for this reason in the environment of the Youth Future Project, projects are developed which are concerned about the core questions and solutions of our times.

A further central goal of the Youth Future Project e.V. is to connect and gather already existing projects and initiatives. A real change is only possible if we join together.

Therefore we want to provide platforms – through our events, activities, and in the internet.