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“Living For Change – Following Alyn Ware”

Soon to be released! Take a first look behind the scenes and get an impression of the shooting in September! The short documentary provides an insight on Alyn’s work and visions, and encourages to think critically about the challenging topic of nuclear disarmament. More Information here.


YFP Annual Report 2014

Even though it is already August and the major part of 2015 is already behind us, we took a look back by collecting the moving and challenging, the inspirational and beautiful moments that we as YFP shared in 2014. Join us in looking back at twelve busy months in which the brochure “Changing (Dis)Course” and […]


A first glimpse of CURLS- YFP in Bangkok

I open the windows to let in some fresh air and get hit by a wall. I immediately decide to shut the windows again. Air conditioning? Really? I turn it on and it´s a relief. I still need to adjust to the completely new climate, everything smells different, looks different and is organized in a […]


Another Insight in Changing (Dis)Course

Even though we have already sent hundreds of Changing (Dis)Course-Booklets out into the world, there are still many of them waitig to be read. Here are an article and a poem from the booklet that give you some taste of what moreis waiting for you. http://issuu.com/youthfutureproject/docs/changing_dis_course_psychologyforsu We are very happy that our publication features a […]


Ceremony of the Right Livelihood Award 2014

The Youth Future Project in Stockholm The first event Hate against #femdefenders – How to be a women’s rights defender inspite of death threats was arranged by the Organization Kvinna till Kvinna, a Swedish NGO, which supports woman in conflict areas and received the Right Livelihood Award in 2012. After speeches from the Swedish Foreign […]