Action Week – Don´t Bank on the Bomb

During the action week „Don´t Bank on the Bomb“ between September 26th (Nuclear Abolition Day) and October 3rd campaigners organized demonstrations around Germany against investments in nuclear weapon producers. In Germany more than eight financial institutions invest more than 7 billion Euros in companies producing nuclear weapon parts or their launching systems. Commerzbank and Deutsche […]


ICAN Action Academy

From the 11.-14th of September 2014 90 young people from all around Europe gathered in Berlin to take part in the ICAN Action Academy. It was one topic that united them: Their rebellion against nuclear weapon states not making progress on the way to a world without nuclear weapons. But the story of ICAN and […]


Hail Hieronymus, Patron of Translators!

September 30th is the International Day of Translation and thanks to the continuous support of PerMondo Translation for non-profits we are able to maintain a bilingual website and publish most of our information in German as well as English. Translation is more than just the exchange of words from one language into another. It is a […]


YFP at the Degrowth in Leipzig, Germany

The international Degrowth Conference will take place this year in Leipzig, Germany, beginning of September. During the conference the YFP will present itself at the Fair for Degrowth. If you are at the conference, you will have the possibility to get to know active members of the YFP right there. We are looking forward to […]