Das Youth Future Project organisiert verschiedene Projekte und Konferenzen und betreut zudem Jugendprojekte, die sich dem Netzwerk des Vereins angeschlossen haben.

Eine Liste von aktuellen Projekten und Projektideen findet ihr unter Neue Projekte.

Die bereits beendeten Projekte findet ihr unter Abgeschlossene Projekte.The Youth Future Project organizes several projects and conferences and also coaches youth projects which are affiliated with the network of the association.


Current projects and projects in the planning phase:

Film Doku YFC’13 Conference documentation, going well, lots of material, but also taking a lot of capacity
Youth Participation Process with Alyn Ware How to teach young people to become politically active in a parliamentary system? How to put pressure onto parliamentarians? Focus on nuclear disarmament, cooperation with Basel Peace Office, BAN etc. // EU application process running
Postgrowth Forum Theater Forum theater on postgrowth & time, should result in degrowth conference // is a YFP coaching project
YFP contacts Collect YFP contacts, skills etc.
VIA coaching Coaching for several projects that emerged out of the Youth Future Conference 2013
Lebenswege Collecting stories of different ways to lead their lives, try to help people to create a self-determined life
Print documentation YFC’13 Team working on this // would be nice to have more people working on this
YFP sailing tour It’s happening next summer!