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The last year was dominated by one big project: the Youth Future Conference 2013. After the first Youth Future Conference in 2010 and the Visionaries in Action Conference in 2012, this year’s event was the third of its kind and once again brought together youth leaders from around the world with laureates of the Right Livelihood Award.

The Youth Future Conference 2013 took place in September this year in Bonn. 120 young students from all over Europe came together to discuss the most urgent environmental problems together with laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and the German Environmental Foundation, as well as young experts and scientists. The centerpiece of the conference were the nine workshops on various topics, such as water, energy or soil.

It was a moving and inspiring event, full of energy, action and hope. Around ten projects evolved out of the conference, which are now being coached for another year.

There is an interim report in German. Click here to read. Otherwise, here are some facts from the report shortly listed:

  • The average percentage of women was 71%
  • 34 nationalities represented at the conference
  • 32 staff members, including organizers and workshop hosts
  • 100% organic, regional and seasonal food during the conference
  • 10 projects developed by participants and supported by the VIA coaching programme
  • Facebook posts reached up to 1300 people worldwide
  • Participants described the conference as “mind- and view-changing” and “inspiring”

At this point we would like to thank all those who supported this conference. “Thank you” to all the families and friends of the organizing team, who accompanied their way. “Thank you” to those who have given feedback. “Thank you” to all our partners, who have supported us either ideally or financially. “Thank you” to our amazing participants. “Thank you” to all of those who have applied and could not get one of the limited spots and to those who have followed us in their thoughts.

Pictures of the conference can be seen here:

Media Overview about the conference

SRS- YFP Report

Based on the “Social Reporting Standard” (SRS), a comprehensive guideline for reporting and monitoring in the non-profit sector, the YFP has just published its second annual report, covering the time from July 2012 to July 2013. This reporting standard has been invented by a group of universities, NGOs and others and is supposed to help non-profit organization in their communication and evaluation. It has internal effects such as evaluating and structuring recent activities, as well as external effects, such as creating transparency, improving communication and helping financial donors to rank and review organizational activities.

This year’s YFP SRS-report has generated a lot of praise and is seen as a Best-Practice Example.

Have a look inside! It gives you an overview of the projects, lists numbers and figures, describes the outcome and impact, looks ahead and illustrates the structure of the organization.

Youth Future Conference follow- up process

Even though the conference is over, the project itself is still running for another year! What are we doing? Well…

1. Coaching:

A big part of the follow-up is been taken up by the Coaching programme. During the conference a couple of projects and ideas developed, that our now being supported for another year. The first meeting already took place in Munich in November. For further information about the projects and their development check out the recent article about the coaching. In 2014 there will also be a series of coaching weekends. The projects learn about fundraising, team work, project management, how to stay motivated for the time of the project and much more.

2. Documentation

To not forget about the conference and the output and impact there will be a filmed documentation as well as a printed version. Those will include images and impressions of the conference, but also show the bigger dimensions of change and are ment to encourage young and old people to step into the ways of Right Livelihood and sustainable development.
Call for papers: Whoever would like to contribute to the printed documentation in some kind of way is kindly asked to Email to
We are looking for:

  • scientific articles about sustainability issues
  • interviews concerning the topic of social change
  • pictures/ images/ cartoons
  • voices and quotes from all generations with their recipes for change

3. Finance

For our financial partners and donors we constantly have to keep up book-keeping and finances. Interim finance reports are to be written and tables to be updated. This important and essential work is currently accomplished by Karolin, who has been doing this work for a couple of years now and is looking for a person to take over the division in the long term. Are you into finance? Do you want to support the YFP with the book-keeping? Get in touch with Karolin: