Youth Future Conference – Scholarship

If you want to come to our conference but can not cover the expenses for the participation fee and/or the travel cost, you can apply for the Youth Future Conference’s Scholarship.

Our scholarship follows the principle of solidarity: People who can afford paying a higher participation fee enable financial less situated people to come to our conference by paying more than indicated.

The scholarship is dedicated only to people between 18 and 30 years living or studying in Europe.

How many scholarships we can grant depends on how many people apply for the scholarship and for how much money they apply. For us it is much easier to cover your participation fee than your travel expenses. Of cause it is possible to, for example, only apply for a part of your travel expenses. For example when your whole itinerary is about 200€ and you can only cover 100€ by yourself, you can apply for the remaining 100€.

Deadline for Scholarship-Applications: 23rd August 2013

 And this is how the scholarship-application works:

  1. Fill in the application-form PDF truthfully.
  2. In case you are able to cover your travel expenses and you only ask for the exemption of the participation fee, you  can directly go on to number 3.
  3. In case you apply for a scholarship for your travel expenses we will need to know how much your tickets will cost. Please check the prices of your itinerary. Please prefer train and/or busses considering the environment!  You can check the prices using the internet or asking at the travel agency of your confidence for a non-binding offer. Mention the ticket prices in the form or attach the offer/itinerary, when sending the form.
  4. Ask a professor or teacher of your confidence to fill in the reference letter using page 2 of the form. If you are not a student, you can also ask another reliable person of your confidence.
  5. Please send everything together with a copy of your valid passport via e-mail to  (please scan the filled and signed form and send it as PDF), or Fax to +49-3212-1169004.


  1. You will receive an email confirming that we received your application for the scholarshop within the next week.
  2. We will check your application, and get in touch with you.

How it works, when you got the grant

In case we confirm that you will get the scholarship, there are two different ways for the money transfer:

In both cases we need to ask you to send us copies or receipts of your tickets right after you bought them, as well as sending us the original tickets when you returned home after the conference.
This is necessary because we, as a charitable-organisation in Germany, need to prove that any transaction we made was for non-profit or welfare reasons.

  1. If you have the financial liqudity to book your tickets – do it.  We will reimburse your expenses after the conference, when we received your tickets.
  2. If you do not have the financial liquidity to book your tickets we can transfer the amount mentioned in your itinerary straight ahead. For this we will need at least a copy of your itinerary.